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Chainalysis: share of criminal-related transactions in cryptocurrencies

Analyst firm Chainalysis has reported a reduction in the share of cryptocurrency transactions linked to criminal activity in 2020. In 2019, criminal entities accounted for 2.1% of total transactions ($21.1 billion). In 2020, the figure decreased to 0.34% ($10 billion). Source: Chainalysis. Analysts cite the growth of the cryptocurrency industry as the main reason for

Se Bitcoin non batte subito i record, non sarebbe la cosa peggiore, postula il trader

Fare trading laterale per un po‘ di tempo potrebbe essere salutare per Bitcoin. Dopo il suo rialzo oltre i 40.000 dollari, e una correzione a quasi 30.000 dollari, il Bitcoin (BTC) ha ripreso a rimbalzare ancora una volta. Uno stallo prima di risalire oltre i massimi vicino ai 42.000 dollari potrebbe essere un bene per

All eyes on Elon Musk: When will the Tesla founder get into Bitcoin?

Elon Musk lets it be known that he has all the prerequisites to become a Bitcoiner. Is the PayPal founder already flirting with BTC? Opinion Echo. When will he jump on board? At the latest since Microstrategy boss Michael Saylor enriched his company by around 70,000 Bitcoin (BTC), the scene has been hoping for an

Novembre 2020: Un mese di alti e bassi di tutti i tempi

IN BREVE Novembre 2020 ha visto una crescita enorme di interesse per Bitcoin, secondo alcune metriche. Oltre a un prezzo elevato di tutti i tempi per BTC, c’è stata anche un’impennata dell’interesse per i derivati. Anche Altcoins ha accelerato dietro Bitcoin, e le cose sembrano continuare a crescere. Novembre 2020 è stato un mese da

Trading Hall of Fame: Die Bitcoin-Optionswette, die mit nur 638.000 USD einen Gewinn von 58,2 Mio. USD erzielte

Bereits im Oktober hatte ein Händler eine Long-Shot-Wette abgeschlossen, dass Bitcoin bis Januar 36.000 US-Dollar erreichen würde. Es hat sich auf spektakuläre Weise ausgezahlt. Mit einer Kapitalrendite von 9.118% übertrifft ein Ende Oktober eingeleiteter Handel mit Bitcoin-Optionen einige der besten Wetten auf den Devisenmarkt der letzten 40 Jahre sprunghaft. Bitcoin (BTC, + 4,88%) Zum Zeitpunkt

Bitcoin is collapsing, fed up with getting tricked? The solution for profitable crypto-trading

Some days are more painful than others. A correction of around 20% for the market as a whole was foreseeable, but we would have appreciated it more gently. The volatility of assets without “real intrinsic values” is likely to make the headlines of the mainstream media, and it is fair game. Few will be able

Grayscale dumps over 9 million XRP amid SEC accusations

Grayscale, one of the largest digital asset managers, has sold more than a third of its stake in XRP. This follows the announcement of the SEC’s charges against Ripple Labs and two of its executives. The SEC accuses Ripple of selling over $ 1 billion in unregistered securities. Grayscale, one of the largest digital asset